Bologna striker dreams of playing for Roma

Bologna striker Davide Moscardelli has a dream to play for Roma but it looks unrealistic at his age.

The 33-year-old Felsinei striker is a fan of the Giallorossi and although he would like to play for the Roman club, his main focus is to keep playing in Serie A.

“I’ve made the bench with other teams [but] would I do it at Roma? It will be however a difficult thing,” Moscardelli told 1927 La Storia Siamo Noi.

“At 33 I still want to play in Serie A. Then at Bologna I am well and hope to stay here.”

The Belgian-born striker had been asked about Bologna’s form and despite a poor start to the season, he believes that the Felsinei can get back their feet.

“So far the results have not been good: also against Verona it did not go well. Then we met all good teams like Roma, Napoli and AC Milan,” said Moscardelli.

“But I think with the great work that we started in the summer we can come away from this situation. So far we missed some results and a bit of luck.”

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